Kettlebell Trainingkettlebell

Kettlebell training has been around for hundreds of years and is thought to originate from Russia in the 18th century to weigh crops.

Originally named the girya, kettlebells later became widely used for strength training in the 19th century.

Although there were similar weights used in ancient Greece for strength training and athletic sports, they were shaped very differently to the Russian kettlebell.

So, what is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a cast iron or cast steel ball with handle big enough to grip with two hands.

kettlebell trainingThere are 3 parts to the kettlebell;

1. The Horns
2. The Handle
3. The Body

There are two types of kettlebell;

1. Competiton kettlebells
2. Regular kettlebells

Competition Kettlebells

Regular Kettlebells

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