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  • Do you want to learn how to master kettlebells and deliver workouts to your clients with confidence and expertise?

  • Do you want to stand out from your competition and learn how to teach a huge range of new exercises with perfect form?

  • Do you want to discover fun, highly effective kettlebell workouts that will excite your clients and keep them coming back for more?

Here’s Why You Must Enrol In This Course…

The reason why professional athletes and celebrities use kettlebells is because they target over 600 muscles in the body in just a few minutes.

Help your clients achieve better fat loss results, increase strength, improve balance and build power.

Kettlebell training is one of the most popular training methods in the fitness industry and every personal needs to know how to perform exercises safely and correctly.

The fantastic results that this versatile piece of equipment can deliver makes kettlebell training a tool that every personal trainer must have in his or her arsenal.

And… great results = happy clients, which in turn leads to happy clients, more referrals and a stable personal training business.

The fitness industry is a competitive market, get an edge over your competition and stand out amongst the crowd as the go to fitness expert in your area.

Learn how to make more money and work less hours with small groups, boot camps and semi-private 1-1 personal training kettlebell workouts.

Inside Our Level 1 Course You Will Learn…

Inside Our Level 2 Course You Will Learn…

During the EPTI Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Course you will learn the 15 fundamental exercises including the swing, high pull, snatch, clean, press and Turkish get-up.

You will learn all the progressions and regressions of all the most important exercises so you can program workouts for different fitness levels and deliver fun, safe workouts for all of your clients.

Every exercise is broken down and taught step-by-step so you have a thorough understanding of how to teach kettlebells to your clients and deliver a workout experience that is unrivalled by your competition.

If you would like to learn how to use kettlebells correctly from someone with over 15 years experience in kettlebell training, then you must enrol in our Worldwide accredited level 1 and level 2 kettlebell courses.

Why Choose EPTI?

  • Our tutors have been using kettlebells for 20+ years and are internationally qualified.
  • Your kettlebell certification is Worldwide accredited through REPS and UK accredited with CIMSPA.
  • You’ll get unlimited access to training videos, manuals and lesson plans to refine and perfect your skills.

You Will Be Accredited With The Following

  • Our tutors have been using kettlebells for 20+ years and are internationally qualified.
  • Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Kettlebell Training
  • 16 CPD points with REPS


Kettlebell training is a fitness tool which originated in Russia. It was a popular form of training in the Soviet area, and in particular for their armed forces, since the 1700s. It is used because it’s a fantastic tool for working the entire body, and it is versatile enough to improve strength and endurance, without requiring a large amount of space or equipment. We teach a large variety of exercises at our Gold Coast kettlebell certifications so our students have an arsenal of new exercises they can use in their workouts. The kettlebell was a tool that Russian strongmen use to show off their strength and speed back in the 1800’s. The early iron ball that the kettlebell was based on was similar in design to a modern kettlebell, although modern ones have a slightly more ergonomically friendly design. As kettlebell training became more sophisticated, the idea spread abroad, and by the early 1900s it was popular in other parts of the world. Kettlebell training can help athletes to get stronger, faster, and better balance. They can help to reduce the risk of injury, and they are beneficial for most sports. Kettlebell training has been extensively studied. The Lesgaft Physical Culture Institute, which is based in Leiningrad, found that kettlebell exercises can improve balance, strength and endurance. Ivan Piddubny, who is known as the Ukrainian Hercules, used such exercises to improve his physical prowess, and was dominant in his sport for almost 30 years. Kettlebell training can give strength across the full range of motion, and also gives a strong cardiovascular response. It builds the core because of the constant changes to the center of gravity, and it promotes a strong grip as well. This means that it employs movements that you would not get with machines, and you get stronger across the whole range of motion. For this reason, the exercises remain popular not just in Australia, but in other parts of the world too. Our Gold Coast kettlebell instructor courses teach our students how to use them with great technique so they have confidence when using them with their clients. Kettlebell exercises can be conducted with bells ranging from 8kg for beginner women, to 20kg for the average man, and even heavier. The exercises are ranked based on how many exercises you could do in a given period of time, and there are categories based on the Candidate for Master of Sport and Master of Sport system that is used for other Russian sports. The highest levels of this require stunning strength and endurance, and a good rhythm in order to keep the swing going in the most efficient way. A poor rhythm would lead to most people getting tired before they were able to complete the required reps. Enrol in kettlebell courses Gold Coast to become a Fitness Australia certified instructor. Visit for our online courses.