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  • Do you want to learn how to master kettlebells and deliver workouts to your clients with confidence and expertise?

  • Do you want to stand out from your competition and learn how to teach a huge range of new exercises with perfect form?

  • Do you want to discover fun, highly effective kettlebell workouts that will excite your clients and keep them coming back for more?

Here’s Why You Must Enrol In This Course…

The reason why professional athletes and celebrities use kettlebells is because they target over 600 muscles in the body in just a few minutes.

Help your clients achieve better fat loss results, increase strength, improve balance and build power.

Kettlebell training is one of the most popular training methods in the fitness industry and every personal needs to know how to perform exercises safely and correctly.

The fantastic results that this versatile piece of equipment can deliver makes kettlebell training a tool that every personal trainer must have in his or her arsenal.

And… great results = happy clients, which in turn leads to happy clients, more referrals and a stable personal training business.

The fitness industry is a competitive market, get an edge over your competition and stand out amongst the crowd as the go to fitness expert in your area.

Learn how to make more money and work less hours with small groups, boot camps and semi-private 1-1 personal training kettlebell workouts.

Inside Our Level 1 Course You Will Learn…

Inside Our Level 2 Course You Will Learn…

During the EPTI Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Course you will learn the 15 fundamental exercises including the swing, high pull, snatch, clean, press and Turkish get-up.

You will learn all the progressions and regressions of all the most important exercises so you can program workouts for different fitness levels and deliver fun, safe workouts for all of your clients.

Every exercise is broken down and taught step-by-step so you have a thorough understanding of how to teach kettlebells to your clients and deliver a workout experience that is unrivalled by your competition.

If you would like to learn how to use kettlebells correctly from someone with over 15 years experience in kettlebell training, then you must enrol in our Worldwide accredited level 1 and level 2 kettlebell courses.

Why Choose EPTI?

  • Our tutors have been using kettlebells for 20+ years and are internationally qualified.
  • Your kettlebell certification is Worldwide accredited through REPS and UK accredited with CIMSPA.
  • You’ll get unlimited access to training videos, manuals and lesson plans to refine and perfect your skills.

You Will Be Accredited With The Following

  • Our tutors have been using kettlebells for 20+ years and are internationally qualified.
  • Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Kettlebell Training
  • 16 CPD points with REPS


The History of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training has been used to develop endurance and strength for centuries. The exact origin of kettlebells is a matter of debate, but some people believe they were developed in Ancient Greece.

The history of kettlebells was first recorded at the beginning of 18th Century in Russia. The word “Girya”, which means kettlebell, first appeared in the Russian Dictionary in 1704.

Kettlebells were used as weights, which were used to measure the weight of grains and other goods during this time.

Vendors started lifting and swinging kettlebells during fairs and festivals in 18th Century. People lifted the kettlebells to show their strength and they came to realize the health benefits of kettlebells.

Dr. Vladislav Kraevsky introduced the use of kettlebells to the Russian people. In Cape Town, kettlebell training has become very popular. There are now a number of kettlebell courses Cape Town that offer personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts Worldwide kettlebell qualifications.

In the beginning of the 20th Century, strong men, physical culturists, and circus performers like Eugene Sandow, Edgar Mueller, and Arthur Saxon were exposed to Russian kettlebell training.

Therefore, these strong men started using kettlebells when they were training and doing other performances. This helped to introduce kettlebell training to a wider audience out of Russia.

Kettlebell training flourished in the former Soviet Union. A lot of people in rural areas, Olympic athletes, and the military started training with kettlebells regularly. In fact, Soviet Olympic weightlifters used kettlebells build more strength.

The Soviet government realized in 1981 the benefits of kettlebells training so the government enforced mandatory kettlebell training for the people. The government relied on the kettlebell to increase the productivity of the citizens and to decrease the healthcare of the country.

These days, there are some of the countries in the old eastern bloc that still rely on kettlebell training to supplement the training of their armed forces and athletes.

Kettlebell lifting was developed into an official sport and the first competition was in 1948. This sport made its way into the western world.

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