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The reason why professional athletes and celebrities use kettlebells is because they target over 600 muscles in the body in just a few minutes.

Help your clients achieve better fat loss results, increase strength, improve balance and build power.

Kettlebell training is one of the most popular training methods in the fitness industry and every personal needs to know how to perform exercises safely and correctly.

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Inside Our Level 1 Course You Will Learn…

Inside Our Level 2 Course You Will Learn…

During the EPTI Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Course you will learn the 15 fundamental exercises including the swing, high pull, snatch, clean, press and Turkish get-up.

You will learn all the progressions and regressions of all the most important exercises so you can program workouts for different fitness levels and deliver fun, safe workouts for all of your clients.

Every exercise is broken down and taught step-by-step so you have a thorough understanding of how to teach kettlebells to your clients and deliver a workout experience that is unrivalled by your competition.

If you would like to learn how to use kettlebells correctly from someone with over 15 years experience in kettlebell training, then you must enrol in our Worldwide accredited level 1 and level 2 kettlebell courses.

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  • Our tutors have been using kettlebells for 20+ years and are internationally qualified.
  • Your kettlebell certification is Worldwide accredited through REPS and UK accredited with CIMSPA.
  • You’ll get unlimited access to training videos, manuals and lesson plans to refine and perfect your skills.

You Will Be Accredited With The Following

  • Our tutors have been using kettlebells for 20+ years and are internationally qualified.
  • Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Kettlebell Training
  • 16 CPD points with REPS


Bahrain Kettlebell Workout for Beginners
One of the major advantages that kettlebells have over other traditional workout tools is that you don’t need to perform a wide range of weights in order to create an effective workout. One kettlebell is enough to give you all the benefits of strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility moves.
So if you are about to begin a fitness routine; do consider a Bahrain kettlebell course. You will be truly amazed at how this unique piece of cannonball with handles can change your looks for the better!
Safety First
Before you get all excited and reach out for that kettlebell, do keep in mind that this is not your regular piece of equipment. Kettlebells have a unique shape in the sense that they resemble a cannonball with a handle. This difference in shapes makes it off-balance you should really master the technique of handling kettlebells correctly before enrolling in a Bahrain kettlebell certification.
To get optimum benefit from kettlebell workouts; do them as circuits i.e. complete each workout one time in a sequence without resting. Once a circuit is complete; rest for a few minutes and repeat the entire sequence thrice.
The Goblet Squat
Begin by gripping the kettlebell by the horns and drive both shoulders firmly downward together so that your chest stays open. Tuck the elbows inward so that both forearms remain vertical. Stand with feet wider than hip distance with toes turned slightly outward. Breathe in deeply, ground your feet into the floor and do a low squat. Try to go as down as you can comfortably. Rise to standing position and repeat.
The One-Arm Row
To do this, place kettlebells on the ground and stand in a staggered position with one foot place in front just beyond the weight. Dig the other foot into the ground behind and hinge at the hips so that your torso remains inclined at forty five degrees to the ground. Let your elbow rest on the knee of the foot projected in front for added support. Now reach out and grip the kettlebell with the other hand. Keep shoulders straight and maintain a neutral spine. Complete reps on one side and switch sides.
The One-Arm Press
Stand in an erect position while holding the kettlebell in one hand raised at shoulder height. Root your feet firmly into the ground, inhale deeply and brace shoulders, glutes and abdominal muscles. Press the kettlebell overhead with a straight arm and hold position for a few seconds. Lower the kettlebell by pulling it downward into its original position. Complete all reps on one side and switch sides.
The Chest Loaded Swing
To do this, take a standing position with feet placed between shoulder and hip distance. Grab the kettlebell by the horns while tucking its bottom into the lower sternum. Draw shoulders downs and thrust chest outward and fix your eyes at a point on the ground in front. Inhale deeply and bend at the hips while pointing the butt outward and upward. Maintain a neutral spine with tailbone position a bit towards the ground. Extend hips fully and squeeze the glutes. Hold position and return to original stance.
If you would like more information regarding our Bahrain kettlebell certification please contact us for more course information.